Joint Force Air Component

The Joint Force Air Component (JFAC) is responsible for the planning, integration, synchronization and command of airpower capabilities within any Joint Force campaign.  In his staff guidance to the JFAC, the Commander of NATO's Allied Air Command provides 3 key principles to fuel the smart and effective application of airpower doctrine:

All actions should be developed through a deliberate and calculated thought process.

All actions should be focussed on a campaign's desired end state.

All planning processes should be designed for collaborative endeavour with other military and/or civilian partners.

Organisationally, the JFAC is a tailored organization consisting of:

A permanent full-time "Core" team of approximately 30 personnel tasked with developing and articulating JFAC policies in a manner coherent with the Commander NATO Allied Air Command's intent.

A wide variety of Subject Matter Experts from the full spectrum of NATO military and civilian specialist areas who may be routinely called-upon to furnish advice to the Core JFAC.

Personnel from NATO nations who may be called-upon to augment the JFAC for NATO campaigns.


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